How we Ranked EuroSkinOnline Within a Month


Projects Dates: 25.11.2019 to 25.01.2020

Ranked Zero to Five within a 30 Days

40% Improved Conversion

115 Phone Calls

About Company

EuroSkinonline is a skincare clinic located in the city of Kolkata. They have more than 20 years of dermatology experience. Now they want to promote their brand name nationally. Euroskinonline is the market leader in the dermatology niche. ProGrowth Hack handles their SEO project. 

Challenges :

This project was extremely challenging. They directly tell us, you guys have just 1 month to prove yourself. The website was extremely slow, with a 27% spam score and there was NO SSL certificate. The previous SEO Agency done so many spammy backlinks. So, this is very hard to rank this type of website.

Strategy :

1. We delete all the spammy backlinks to improved the spam score. 

2. We spend 3 days all list all the competitors keywords with high CPC and medium or low search volume. 

3. There was a total of 27 Unwanted plugins. We delete them all. We also deleted all unwanted photos.

4. Now its time to optimize the website speed. We minify all the extra javascript and CSS codes. Website loading speed improved 10.8sec to 4.5 sec.

5. start on-page optimization. Optimized all the content and use all the competitive keywords

6. Start off-page optimization within 15 days. Again we try analyzing competitive backlinks with ahrefs. We also enlist them all the business listing sites. 

Result :

We saw tremendous ranking improvement within 20days. and they also received tons of phone calls organically from potential clients. At this time they run zero paid ads. 

1. They received 107 total phone calls within 2 months. 

2. The organic SEO also improved their 40% conversions.  

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