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What Kind of Marketing Funnel You Are Looking For?

Self Liquidating Funnel

If you are looking for email id or phone numbers then this funnel is only for you. If you are just starting, then this best for you. 

Automated Webinar Funnel

An automated webinar funnel is typically used for Product & service that range from Rs 15000-200,000

Email Lead Magnet

This funnel works for product /service priced around Rs 500-2000. If you have a very low budget then this is perfect for you.

Free+ Shpping sales funnel

This is typically low cost products like a book

High End Sales Funnel

This funnel is for a premium product or service. Product or service start from 100,000 to 10,000,00. Sales your premium product effectively.

The Affiliate Sales Funnel

The funnel for people who don’t have their own product or service

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